The CBW Time Machine!

Yes, there really is such a thing.  I went to the Time Zone Converter website and used their "Fixed World Clock" to create the following table, based on a Celtics game taking place in Boston in November at 7:30pm local time.  With so many of the Celtics fans now spread out around this planet, I figured it was time to make sure they knew when the Good Guys were playing.  This chart is ONLY A ROUGH GUIDE.  To have a more accurate idea of when the games are scheduled for your part of the world, please use the links above.  Eventually--as in maybe by next season--I plan to have a corresponding start to every Celtics game specific to the day.  THAT'S going to take a while.

I used the areas as they appear on the website's list, alphabetical by the cities listed, with the exceptions of Boston, which is the control time; and &^@!&(#*% Los Angeles, which I replaced with Santa Rosa.

* means that the time was adjusted for Daylight Savings Time (DST) or Summer Time

City, Country
7:30pm TODAY is...
City, Country
7:30pm TODAY is...
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia TOMORROW, 3:30am

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia *
TOMORROW,  11:00am

Kyiv, Ukraine TOMORROW, 2:30am
Aden, Yemen TOMORROW,  3:30am

La Paz, Bolivia TODAY, 8:30pm
Algiers, Algeria TOMORROW, 1:30am

Lagos, Nigeria TOMORROW, 1:30am
Amman, Jordan TOMORROW, 2:30am

Lahore, Pakistan TOMORROW, 5:30am
Amsterdam, Netherlands TOMORROW, 1:30am

Lima, Lima, Peru TODAY, 7:30pm
Anadyr, Russian Federation TOMORROW, 12:30pm

Lisbon, Portugal TOMORROW, 12:30am
Anchorage, Alaska, United States TODAY, 3:30pm

London, England, United Kingdom TOMORROW, 12:30am
Ankara, Turkey TOMORROW, 2:30am

Madrid, Spain TOMORROW, 1:30am
Antananarivo, Madagascar TOMORROW, 3:30am

Managua, Nicaragua TODAY, 6:30pm
Asuncion, Paraguay *
TODAY, 9:30pm

Manila, Philippines TOMORROW, 8:30am
Athens, Greece TOMORROW, 2:30am

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia *
TOMORROW, 11:30am
Atlanta, Georgia, United States TODAY, 7:30pm

Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico TODAY, 6:30pm
Auckland, New Zealand *
TOMORROW, 1:30pm

Miami, Florida, United States TODAY, 7:30pm
Baghdad, Iraq TOMORROW, 3:30am

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States TODAY, 6:30pm
Bangkok, Thailand TOMORROW, 7:30am

Minsk, Belarus TOMORROW, 2:30am
Barcelona, Spain TOMORROW, 1:30am

Montevideo, Uruguay *
TODAY, 10:30pm
Beijing, China TOMORROW, 8:30am

Montgomery, Alabama, United States TODAY, 6:30pm
Beirut, Lebanon TOMORROW, 2:30am

Montreal, Quebec, Canada TODAY, 7:30pm
Belgrade, Serbia TOMORROW, 1:30am

Moscow, Russian Federation TOMORROW, 3:30am
Berlin, Berlin, Germany TOMORROW, 1:30am

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India TOMORROW, 6:00am
Bogota, Colombia TODAY, 7:30pm

Nairobi, Kenya TOMORROW, 3:30am
Brasilia, Distrito Federal, Brazil *
TODAY, 10:30pm

Nassau, Bahamas TOMORROW, 7:30pm
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia TOMORROW, 10:30am

New Delhi, Delhi, India TOMORROW, 6:00am
Brussels, Belgium TOMORROW, 1:30am

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States TODAY, 6:30pm
Bucharest, Romania TOMORROW, 2:30am

New York, New York, United States TODAY, 7:30pm
Budapest, Hungary TOMORROW, 1:30am

Odesa, Ukraine TOMORROW, 2:30am
Buenos Aires, Argentina TODAY, 9:30pm

Oslo, Norway TOMORROW, 1:30am
Cairo, Egypt TOMORROW, 2:30am

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada TODAY, 7:30pm
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia *
TOMORROW, 11:30am

Paris, France TOMORROW, 1:30am
Cape Town, South Africa TOMORROW, 2:30am

Perth, Western Australia, Australia *
TOMORROW, 9:30am
Caracas, Venezuela TODAY, 8:30pm

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States TODAY, 7:30pm
Casablanca, Morocco TOMORROW, 12:30am

Phoenix, Arizona, United States TODAY, 5:30pm
Chatham Island, New Zealand *
TOMORROW, 2:15pm

Prague, Czech Republic TOMORROW, 1:30am
Chicago, Illinois, United States TODAY, 6:30pm

Reykjavik, Iceland TOMORROW, 12:30am
Copenhagen, Denmark TOMORROW, 1:30am

Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil *
TODAY, 10:30pm
Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia TOMORROW, 10:00am

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia TOMORROW, 3:30am
Denver, Colorado, United States TODAY, 5:30pm

Rome, Italy TOMORROW, 1:30am
Detroit, Michigan, United States TODAY, 7:30pm

San Francisco, California, United States TODAY, 4:30pm
Dhaka, Bangladesh TOMORROW, 6:30am

San Juan, Puerto Rico TODAY, 8:30pm
Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates TOMORROW, 4:30am

San Salvador, El Salvador TODAY, 6:30pm
Dublin, Ireland TOMORROW, 12:30am

Santa Rosa, California, United States TODAY, 4:30pm
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada TODAY, 5:30pm

Santiago, Chile *
TODAY, 9:30pm
Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany TOMORROW, 1:30am

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic TODAY, 8:30pm
Geneva, Switzerland TOMORROW, 1:30am

Sao Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil *
TODAY, 10:30pm
Guatemala, Guatemala TODAY, 6:30pm

Seattle, Washington, United States TODAY, 4:30pm
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada TODAY, 8:30pm

Seoul, South Korea TOMORROW, 9:30am
Hanoi, Vietnam TOMORROW, 7:30am

Shanghai, China TOMORROW, 8:30am
Harare, Zimbabwe TOMORROW, 2:30am

Singapore, Singapore TOMORROW, 8:30am
Havana, Cuba TODAY, 7:30pm

Sofia, Bulgaria TOMORROW, 2:30am
Helsinki, Finland TOMORROW, 2:30am

St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada TODAY, 9:00pm
Hong Kong, China TOMORROW, 8:30am

St. Paul, Minnesota, United States TODAY, 6:30pm
Honolulu, Hawaii, United States TODAY, 2:30pm

Stockholm, Sweden TOMORROW, 1:30am
Houston, Texas, United States TODAY, 6:30pm

Suva, Fiji TOMORROW, 12:30pm
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States TODAY, 7:30pm

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia *
TOMORROW, 11:30am
Islamabad, Pakistan TOMORROW, 5:30am

Taipei, Taiwan TOMORROW, 8:30am
Istanbul, Turkey TOMORROW, 2:30am

Tallinn, Estonia TOMORROW, 2:30am
Jakarta, Java, Indonesia TOMORROW, 7:30am

Tashkent, Uzbekistan TOMORROW, 5:30am
Jerusalem, Israel TOMORROW, 2:30am

Tegucigalpa, Honduras TODAY, 6:30PM
Johannesburg, South Africa TOMORROW, 2:30am

Tehran, Iran TOMORROW, 4:00am
Kabul, Afghanistan TOMORROW, 5:00am

Tokyo, Japan TOMORROW, 9:30am
Kamchatka, Russian Federation TOMORROW, 12:30pm

Toronto, Ontario, Canada TODAY, 7:30pm
Karachi, Pakistan TOMORROW, 5:30am

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada TODAY, 4:30pm
Kathmandu, Nepal TOMORROW, 6:15am

Vienna, Austria TOMORROW, 1:30am
Khartoum, Sudan TOMORROW, 3:30am

Vladivostok, Russian Federation TOMORROW, 10:30am
Kingston, Jamaica TODAY, 7:30pm

Warsaw, Poland TOMORROW, 1:30am
Kiritimati, Christmas Islands, Kiribati TOMORROW, 2:30pm

Washington, District of Columbia, United States TODAY, 7:30pm
Kolkata, West Bengal, India TOMORROW, 6:00am

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada TODAY, 6:30pm
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia TOMORROW, 8:30am

Yangon, Myanmar TOMORROW, 7:00am
Kuwait City, Kuwait TOMORROW, 3:30am
Zagreb, Croatia TOMORROW, 1:30am

Zürich, Switzerland TOMORROW, 1:30am