The Celtics Beagle Lockout Tour 

How it All Started

Once upon a time, there was a Celtics Beagle who just wanted to eat chocolate chip cookies, drink Pepsi and chocolate milk, and play basketball.

The Celtics Beagle in uniform

He was a happy Celtics Beagle, rooting for his team.

He would read and write about them online, watch games on tv and once or twice, he even got to go to a live Celtics game.

But then, a Bad Thing happened,
and the Games were no longer being played.

NBA Commissioner Stern (AKA King David I) didn't know how it happened and blamed the players.

David Stern unable to explain lockout

Executive Director of the National Basketball Players Association Billy Hunter (AKA Stern Hate Me) also didn't know how it happened, and he blamed the Owners.

Billy Hunter also clueless over lockout

The Celtics Beagle didn't know how it happened, either, and really wanted to blame the Lakers, but couldn't.

But it meant there were no new games to read about or see online.

monitor screen showing nba lockout logo

There were no new games to see on television.

celtics beagle in front of blank tv screen

Worst of all, there were no new games in the gym.

The Boston Garden no longer looked like this:
Celtics celebrating latest championship

Now, it looked like this:
empty Boston Garden

The Celtics Beagle didn't know what to do, so he decided to go on tour.
He put on his warmup clothes over his uniform and took his basketball to go in search of his favorite team, the Boston Celtics, and ask them to play new games.

Celtics Beagle warmups

He would also ask if someone could check to see if David and Billy had suffered recent concussions.

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