This is a representaion of a standard NBA Basketball court, modeled after the home court of the Boston Celtics.  The reference to "parquet floor" means that the floor is assembled in squares of wood.  The original Boston Celtics parquet floor in 1946 was made this way because the team was just formed, there was no extra money, and a parquet floor was cheaper to build.  It became part of the Celtics tradition, so the floor remains that way today.

The view you see below is the standard angle.  If you've seen Celtics games on TV, the Celtics bench is on the upper left side; the visitors, of course, on the right.  In the upper middle (where you see the words "The Basketball Court"), between the two teams are the scorer's table and the area where Tom Heinsohn and Mike Gorman broadcast Celtics games from.

The Basketball Court


This is a more detailed graphic of the Fleet Center, as if you're sitting in the seats. It's harder to see the boundary lines, etc.; but you get a clearer representation of the overall "look", including the baskets on either end.  Directly opposite the center of the court, you see the scorer's table, with the Celtics Bench on the left side as you look at this.  This is also the approximate view you get on television.