Here's part three of the Danny Ainge conference call.  just a couple of notes--part way through, they announce last question, but more were sent in online and Danny had some time, so they kept going.  Also, the final question in this section had a long answer from Danny, which is why there's only five questions answered in just over 11 minutes here.

The questions for this part are:

1: Wil the mid-level exception be used this summer, and on which position would you want to target that?
2: Will you use our two draft picks this Summer, or move the picks before the trade deadline as part of a larger package; and if you DO plan on using them, how deep is this draft and has anyone caught your attention?
3: How have the players responded to Obie's departure, and what have you seen of them; and have you personally had a chance to meet with the team?
4: Talk about Marcus Banks - is he the "Point Guard of the future"?
5: Speak of Paul Pierce's performance this season--how do you offset the ever-increasing pressure on him offensively?
(this is where Danny waxes philosophical for an extended bit)

Here's what Trader Danny had to say:

and now--the conclusion!!