Here's part two of the Danny Ainge conference call on January 30, 2004, where he answers the first eight questions, in order (I shortened the phrasing of questions for space, but they're ercognizable as what you hear on the recording):

1: Speak in general terms - what is the plan to make this a contending team year in and year out?
2: Is winning an immediate convcern of yours?
3:  Do you ever plan to finish tinkering with this team and simply let the roster grow together?
4: With John Carroll taking over, do you see players such as Chris Mihm, Brandon Hunter, or Ricky Davis playing more?
5: Is your overall goal to establish an offensive style that hearkens back to the "glory days" when you played?
6: Looking forward to the Summer, are there any free agents you have your eye on that fit your desired style of play?
7: What kind of long-term coach do you want for the Celtics, in terms of experience, philosophy, and overall outlook?
8: Do you ever see yourself stepping back onto the bench?

Here's Danny, with his answers:

OK, time for part three!